Meet the CEO & Founder of Princess Lash,LLC., Tamesha Calhoun

Written by Princess Lash, LLC.


Posted on February 28 2020

Princess Lash, LLC. was started in December 2018 by our CEO & founder in Memphis, TN. She had a vision to create a luxurious mink lash line to enhance the beauty of all women, but especially, women of color. 

Tamesha grew up in an area called 'Hollywood', which can be found in the hard of North Memphis, TN. As a kid, she didn't realize the area was destined to be poverty stricken, but as an adult, she sees that the area she once loved has declined so drastically. With Princess Lash, she hopes to grow this company beyond its wildest dreams. 

Tamesha Calhoun, princess lash, llc., founder, ceo

While we are a for profit company, Tamesha hopes to someday give back to the community she once came from by helping to rebuild it in a number of ways. Community cleanup projects, building rehabilitation, job offerings, adolescent mentoring, and etc.

Someday, I want to share my success stories with others, especially those from where I'm from, so that they know that you don't have to become a product of your environment.